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hot and smoking!

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2nd May 2010

lovecrunk11:05pm: application
application ;)Collapse )
Current Mood: stoned

16th March 2010

i_violaceous12:41pm: application!
whatup everyone!! =)
Read more...Collapse )

11th March 2010

michelemariee2:17pm: cant figure out the lj cut!!
Age: 25
How Long Have You Smoked?: 10yrs
What Do You Smoke Out Of?(PICTURES IF POSSIBLE): Joints
Something Interesting About Yourself? I love my maryjane & music.

11th May 2006

stupidasso11:39am: If this is not allowed in this group, please accept my apology and delete...(X-posted)

AuaOrchid of Dead Babes

In continuing my b-day celebration, like Willie Wonka before me, i’m opening the gates of Dead Dabes until the 6th of June, 2006.

What does that mean?

It means that Dead Babes will be accepting applications for new models.

is Dead Babes changing?


we close the gates again on the 6th of june.

how do new Dead Babes apply?

My LJ, or sign up for a free account at Dead Babes, itself. they will be voted in by you, the original dead babes. i have way too much respect for you guys than to just let anyone in. you’re making the choices…..or the rejections.

now’s the time to tell your friends…..

i’ll post full rules on Dead Babes

keep in mind that all DB’s MUST be at least 18.



15th March 2006

stupidasso10:57pm: I'm looking for some hotties with great 420 pics to model for 420.wasted.com
Conditions: You must be 18 or older and have sexy 420 related pics.

Pics to: mthead3000@yahoo.com

The site is<a href="http://www.420.prettywasted.com/wasted/"

18th October 2005

soulflytribe3458:59pm: ApplicationCollapse )
Current Mood: Slightly Blazed

13th August 2005

z_adellic5:13pm: application.
Read more...Collapse )

13th June 2005


30th March 2005

cant_pretend3:07am: Hrm
I know all you potties have good music taste. Anyone like Radiohead?

I've actually started a community, down_the_liffey for it, and I need just a little bit more help if someone is interested. If not, please join, b/c Radiohead is a creep.

3rd February 2005

former_believer6:36pm: I have to say that I don't think this is working out. Partially due to the lack of promoting. I know that most of the communities that I am involved in don't really appreciate community promotions when it only deals with pot smokers, especially pot smokers who judge only on looks. Also, I come to notice, as I'm sure some of you have, stoners do not have much capacity to be shallow, nor can the accept shallowness. So, I'm sorry, but I will have to depart.beatenandbloody  I wish you the best of luck on this and all your future endeavors. Farewell.

31st January 2005

tonguering7:36am: join hot_stoners.

19th January 2005

tonguering3:36pm: Application.Collapse )
Current Mood: amused

18th January 2005

caughtupinsun5:06pm: some new pics for you guys
some nre pics for you to enjoy, they are x posted
the one scarletCollapse )
Current Mood: creative

9th January 2005

cant_pretend3:44am: Sup?
AppCollapse )

6th January 2005

forsakenfaith1:20am: Application

Schmokin'Collapse )

Current Mood: Stoned as phoned.

3rd January 2005


sid is hot as fuck. join...

2nd January 2005

quixoticstars4:31am: Application
ApplicationCollapse )
Current Mood: high

30th December 2004

millaboo4:11pm: i've got too much going right now,
and i've decided to leave all my
communities. you can friend me if you'd like.

29th December 2004

intangiblemind2:43am: yea i'm actually leaving this site. I think there are nicer ways to say things. But this site is primarily about looks.

Peace, Love, Empathy...

27th December 2004


26th December 2004

wildjj11:54pm: This Community sucks. You judge people by their looks, how shallow
This Community sucks. You judge people by their looks, how shallow
Current Mood: irate
caughtupinsun3:00pm: application
ApplicationCollapse )
Current Mood: relaxed
chowbox3:09am: Application!
applicationCollapse )
Current Mood: crazy

22nd December 2004

heyhey_s_w_e_d6:00pm: More pictures...

application + more pictures.Collapse )

Current Mood: high

20th December 2004


application.Collapse )

Current Mood: high
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